Your host - DJ Pieter Knol

Senior music correspondent: Jan Stap

Webmaster - Harold

Weekly off-beat Country Show

Sugardaddy Radio is a Dutch radio show specialising in off-beat Country music. A weekly show it's on the air every monday night on OOG Radio in Groningen, the Netherlands, and is hosted by Pieter Knol. This site is for people who missed the latest broadcast or want to hear it at their own convenience - in streaming format.

Air time

Catch Sugardaddy Radio live with your own transistor radio every monday evening at 7 pm - If you live in the Groningen area point your radio at 106.6 (FM) or 105.5 (cable). If you live outside Groningen this is the place to listen to our off-beat country, bluegrass, folk and roots music.

Latest show - january 29, 2018: now online! Theme is "Cowboys".

Listen to the january 29, 2018 show with the flash player!

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